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Using commonly available surface drilling data and the Corrected Mechanical Specific Energy (CMSE) to estimate geomechanical logs, pore pressure, stresses and natural fracture. Geoengineered completions based on drilling derived logs.


DrillPredictor includes a new technology that uses standard surface drilling data to compute, in real time, the Corrected Mechanical Specific Energy (CMSE) which accounts for frictional losses along the wellbore. FracGeo’s CMSE is used to compute pore pressure, stresses, natural fractures, porosity, and geomechanical logs along the wellbore. Immediately after drilling is completed, DrillPredictor provides an optimal completion strategy with adaptive frac stage spacing and cluster design that accounts for the heterogeneous nature of the computed stress and geomechanical properties along the wellbore.

  • Corrected Mechanical Specific Energy (CMSE) that accounts for frictional losses in real time
  • Estimates in real time, or after drilling is completed, the pore pressure, geomechanical logs, porosity, natural fracture index and the stress brittleness.
  • Provides at the end of drilling the optimal frac stage spacing and cluster density based on stress brittleness, Shmin, CMSE or differential stress extracted from GMXPredictor results
  • Exports the derived completion design to StimPredictor™ to design the frac treatment

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